Södertälje welcomed Exiles  to their home ground with heavy rain which gradually slowed down to a drizzle. What can one say about a match where the visitors won 96 – 0? They scored 7 tries in each half with clockwork Jack putting over 13 out of 14. Total tries in four league games now amount to 50 with 339 points for and 12 against.

Exiles dominated in every aspect of the game, driving Södertälje back in the set-pieces and with Sean jumping beautifully in the line-outs. Man of the man was probably Tim who put the fear of death in the opposition by smashing his way over for four tries, while the two wingers Antoine and Jeandré got three between them. The remaining 7 tries came from the forwards almost all of whom are powerful runners. The 7 who got the touchdowns  were Beso, Mak and Nick in the first half along with Erik, Sean, Kris and Laxvi in the second.

Pingvin wqn easily against Göteborg, 59 – 0, and have still to concede a point in their three games so far. The crunch will come next week when they are at home to Exiles. As expected a very tight game between Hammarby and Enköping. Enköping just got the nod, 18 – 13.