My book on Stockholm Exiles is finally at the printers and should be available in the beginning of the year. The book started of as a memoir of the first 50 years of the club, 1963 – 2013, but has been extended to include a detailed account up to 2017 and a summary all the way to 2020. During which time of course Exiles have been riding high for a considerable period. The book is 476 pages long, consists of 140.000 words, 334 photos and weighs in just under 1 kg. Every year is covered from 1963 – 2020 and there are special chapters on the Exiles Ladies and on the Stockholm Tens.

There will never be another book of this size or level of ambition dealing with Swedish rugby. Take this opportunity to get the definitive version of the Exiles’ story. And help the club, too. I have generously undertaken to cover the costs of the book production and the total income from sales will be handed over to the Stockholm Exiles.

The book’s price is 250:- + shipping and can be pre-booked at “” (add full address + phone number).