Tova Derk put up a good display in the first ever Barbarians Ladies´ game against Munster. The Babas won 19 – 0 in a not terribly inspiring game played in a steady drizzle. Handling was poor from both sides and Tova was given very little room to move although she had one good run towards the end.  One would like to think the  female Babas will turn out better teams than this in the future.

Tova has played for Exiles for the last few years as well as for the Swedish 7s. From the Autumn she has been playing for Wasps in the new English premier league and probably caught the attention of the selectors when a clip showing her running 60 yards to score was recently shown as one of the tries of the week.

This is the first Babas game for the Ladies but some years ago a team called the Nomads performed a similar function. Three Exiles Ladies were selected for the Nomads quite a few years ago: Jane, Ullis (before she left for Gothenburg) and Maria Nordström. Tova has of course a brother, Måns, who has played for Sweden as well.

Tova is not down to play for Sweden against the British Police next week, I expect she will have league commitments. Nor will the new prolific try-scorer Minonna Nunstedt, but this is because of her studies. Minonna has a brother, Rickard, who of course also plays for Sweden.