A lot of good games for the Men and Women as the rankings for the finals were determined. Attila, the weakest team in the Men North were the only team to drop out, which left 11 Men´s teams and 9 Ladies´.

The Men in the North had two groups of three, with the rankings from Round 1 Enköping, Exiles, Hammarby and Erikslund. The scores went the same way in Round 2 and this will be the Northern ranking. Hammarby raised their game and gave Exiles a fright in the semis, partly due to Exiles conceding around 10 penalties in the 14”. Exiles had a stronger team this week and faced a further final against Enköping who progressed smoothly. 12 – 12 at half time but Enköping were quick to seize upon Exiles´ errors and ran out worthy winners 26 – 12. A special mention for young Peter Karlsson who was outstanding in both Rounds. These two teams could well meet in the final next week but Exiles will have to sharpen up their game if they are to reverse the defeats in the preliminaries.

In the Southern group the round-robin first round gave the ranking Troján, Göteborg, Spartacus, Wexiö and Lugi. Playing at home in Lund, Lugi managed to beat Wexiö and Göteborg to make the top four. Göteborg managed only one point, a draw against undefeated Troján and were passed in the total rankings by Spartacus. The final rankings for the finals are thus Troján, Spartacus, Göteborg and Lugi. Some not bad rugby sevens on show in both the North and South.

For the Ladies there were a number of beginners´ teams, but they were nevertheless very welcome. Enköping and Troján were out on their own in the North with Enköping beating Troján by a few more points than vice-versa, with Uppsala in the same position versus Berserkers. That should make the final rankings Enköping, Troján, Uppsala and Berserkers. Södertälje in 5th place if required.

In the South only three teams with Malmö the winners although only after dropping points. Lugi ahead of Göteborg on the basis of internal matches. Not clear if 5th place in the North makes up the numbers for the finals.

So the Men head for Norrköping and the Ladies for Malmö. Should be a good round-off to the whole tournament. Keep up the  good work with the streaming.