All results not in by Sunday morning, what are Göteborg thinking about? Some decent competition in the North and Middle with round 1 results being reversed. Erikslund had U20 players away who were replaced by four Exiles including 3 Georgians. Not exactly seven´s players, they still gave Enköping a fright but Södertälje were too fast for them. In the decisive final game Enköping, strengthened with Robin Fransson, ran away from Södertälje to win 33 – 0. Over the two rounds this means Enköping leads with 10 points, followed by Södertälje also on 10, Erikslund 4 and Sundsvall 0.

In the Middle group, Linköping were out of their depth while Hammarby bobbed up with four young Irish players who knew what they were doing and this rocked the boat. Hammarby beat Trojan 12 – 0 reversing the result from round while Exiles once again beat Trojan comfortably. In the decisive game Exiles led 19 – 0 over Hammarby with 3 minutes to go but received a yellow card and conceded 17 points in the last two minutes. So it´s Exiles undefeated on 12 points, Hammarby second on 8 points followed by Trojan also on 8 with Linköping noll point.

In the South we have one result with Wexiö easily beating Malmö. I suspect that Vänersborg may have dropped out, but we´ll have to wait and see. Irrespective of missing results this would make the top 8:

Exiles, Wexiö, Enköping, Södertälje, Hammarby, Trojan, Göteborg and a toss-up between Malmö and Erikslund. Semi-finals a month away, Exiles still the team to beat.