Six Nations off with a bang. Also the second tier Six Nations  in Europe. Enough is being written about the 6N elsewhere but the tournament is still going strong. Three sellouts and 204.000 spectators is not bad. Italy passed the ball around slickly, but the Welsh defence was impenetrable and they themselves took every opportunity to score. Scotland raised their game against Ireland in Dublin, but their many mistakes just allowed a shaky home team to squeeze through. And finally, to the great delight of most non-English, the arrogant visitors to Paris once again got their comeuppance. Negotiations in progress by the 6N with an investment company, CVC, to sell a minority share of the tournament. Not clear what this could involve, but promotion/relegation has been hinted at.

At the second tier, Spain comfortably beat Russia in Sochi, Georgia blew away Romania and Portugal just got home against Belgium. An interesting tournament.

Almost all the Swedish national teams have new coaches, but all live abroad and are expected to work for free. I´m not sure that will work out, but Pasi is starting to present them and to get together proper management teams.

The two where something is already at stake are both the 15-a-side teams. But poor results in 2019 mean that the one game for the ladies and two for the men in the Spring cannot lead to promotion. The ladies will stay at the Trophy or second level while the men will remain in Conference 1 or the third European level. Last year both teams consistently picked unrepresentative teams; the ladies had two separate squads for 7s and 15s, with a total playing strength of perhaps 200 in Sweden and, not surprisingly, they performed poorly in both. For whatever reason, the male trainer in Sweden left out about half of Sweden´s best players and has now left them to languish in the Conference for another year.

The new male 7s coach from the Netherlands got off the mark by testing 19 of a squad of 25 at Bosön at the weekend. One would love to know who the remaining six are, as some obvious choices are missing. Sweden certainly needs some youngsters to come through at the 7s and 15s levels, but I very much doubt if the 10 teenagers of the 19 players selected will be anywhere near international level for some years to come.

With nothing to play for in the Spring, the new English trainer should concentrate on building up a male 15s team for the Autumn. But base it on easily the two best Swedish teams, who in last year´s final had over 30 players eligible to play for Sweden. Only 3-4 of them made the Swedish squad last year.

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30 JAN 2020 21:02

I helgen samlas herrarnas seniortrupp i 7-mannarugby för första gången tillsammans med det nya managementteamet.


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I samarbete med RF genomförs den 1-2 februari tester i sprintsnabbhet, styrka, explosivitet och aerob uthållighet. Det fullspäckade programmet omfattar även såväl praktisk som teoretisk utbildning i bland annat aerob konditionsträning, sprintträning och nutrition. Lägret samlar 19 av truppens 25 spelare för en intensiv helg. Teamet får i helgen även sällskap av assisterande tränare för 7s U18, Robin Fransson, samt elitansvarig Anna-Lena Swartz och Jonas Toresäter som bidrar med sin erfarenhet och expertis.

Nästa träningsläger hålls i Norrköping den 22-23 februari, och då tillsammans med juniorerna (U18). Det blir ett spännande samarbete att se fram emot. 

Management Teamet, Sverige 7s (herr):

Richard van den Broek – Huvudtränare
Andrew Kalen Daish – Assisterande Tränare
Sara Jacobsson – S&C
Jessica Melin – Manager


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