One or two bits of information incorrect in the flurry of reporting yesterday.

1.It was Richie Hemmens, formerly Exiles, who came on to score Hammarby´s second try against Exiles. First try scored by Andreas Nilsérius from Södertälje.
2.Exiles Ladies won 25 – 0 against Uppsala and this was the second game of 11 where both teams had 15 players.
3.In the South, the Skåne Ladies did play Vänersborg yesterday. With the withdrawn Göteborg excluded a total of five games were played: three each for Vänersborg and Pingvin and two for Skåne Ladies (Malmö and Lugi) and Kalmar Södra. A very demanding season. In the North it´s six games each. Semi-finals now Exiles – Pingvin, Vänersborg – Enköping.
4.In a very bruising game yesterday all Exiles players surprisingly reported alive and well afterwards. Let´s hope the same goes for Hammarby. Sightings of three more internationals for Exiles next week. Extra lineout and scrummaging practice planned, I believe/hope.
5.Crowd of 400 reported for Enköping – Pingvin (Hammarby – Exiles 50+). Enköping with 13 men (two yellow cards) conceded 12 points, “won” rest of game 13 – 10.
6.Seems to have been two excellent semis with third and fourth placings putting up a fight. With Göteborg seeming to have a big physical team we could be heading for a better level of Allsvenskan next year.
7.Södertälje are reported to be starting again next year in Division 2. Good to know, let´s hope their players stick with them.
8. Poland, perhaps not surprisingly, beat a scratch European team 52 – 19. But Fredrik and Robin both scored tries, great stuff!